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October 2018

Sloane Residences Former Sloane Hotel

Sloane Residences is located in Balmoral Road. Sloane residences are the name of a development which is situated at Balmoral Road and it is developed by Tiong Seng Holdings. Many bidders have placed their bid for the plot of land at Balmoral road. The investors of Sloane Residences Former Sloane Hotel have invested highly in the development of Sloane Residences. The person who has placed the top bid for the piece of land is situated near Balmoral road. The place in which the Sloane Residences is located is next to the city. Moreover, the Orchard area is also nearby Sloane Residences. You will be waited by the beautiful and peaceful scenery of Sloane Residences.

Sloane Residences Facilities and Shopping Mall

Sloane Residences has many facilities those are unique and strange. The facilities consist of guard room, gym, function room, tennis court, swimming pool, and many others. The families can enjoy fun and entertainment here. They can be able to indulge in a strange lifestyle different from what they were earlier. Moreover, their lifestyles will change a lot because it is located in a place which is surrounded by a large number of shopping malls. For example Beauty Parlour and many others. Many complexes are near Sloane Residences and they are very helpful for the ones, who love to buy things.

Sloan Residences Bidders Land at Balmoral Road

Sloane Residence is priced high but then also the bidders have placed their high bid for it. This shows clearly how hungry are the bidders for the plot of land. The development of Sloane Residences at Balmora Road by Tiong Seong is highly demanding for the bidders and this is the reason behind so many bidders. The places around Sloane Residences is very familiar to others as because the development is surrounded by many hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Children can play games on the playground while their parents can go out shopping. The families can also play different types of outdoor games and can spend more time with their family and loved ones.

Sloane Residences Tiong Seng Holdings Former Sloane Hotel

The former Sloane Hotel is a combination of two pieces of land. The two-piece of land has a total 38,943 square feet. Tiong Seong has constructed a high – quality plot of land which is in high demand. The developers of the Sloane Residences are utilizing their motivations in a great way and makes their client feel confident and comfortable. The developers of Sloane Residences are no step back when it comes to innovation. They have created some amazing ways in order to meet their requirements as well as their objectives.