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gord2Bay Street SEO began in 2004 as a quest to deliver better value to clients. Gord Collins had been an eager researcher of Google’s algorithm and their search engine indexing patents after meeting Sergei Brin of Google and discussing Google’s “Secret Sauce” at an SEO conference in Dallas in 1998  (no, he didn’t divulge).

This growing deep insight into how Google was ranking pages and passing ranking data via links created tremendous improvement in Bay Street SEO’s client’s rankings.

After working with a digital marketing agency, a major manufacturer and a publisher, Gord grew frustrated seeing clients not getting the results they deserved.  That’s when Bay Street SEO was born.

Bay Street SEO has delivered exceptional SEO results, powerful content, and customer service for individual major firms and agencies in the US, UK and Canada. Clients receive the royal custom treatment they expect.

Our unique value proposition is simple: Deliver powerful, creative and relevant content and distribute it to influencers and customers who want that value. No waste and better communication ensures a more effective result. Your best selection of complete affordable SEO Packages.


Serving every industry and vertical including medical, real estate, recruiters, construction and contractors, SaaS developers, ecommerce, travel, web design agencies, beauty & health, sports, hotels, restaurants and food services, insurance, IT, and lawyers and firms and Hotels and Resorts.  Complete coverage from a complete SEO company.

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