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When SEO is done well, it delivers the #1 ROI using digital marketing.  And Google rankings are free if you provide great content and do effective premium link building. That’s the catch. Most times you will need good content to rank at the top.

All you need to do is find an experienced SEO specialist who is capable of creating interesting and informative content, someone who can get to the heart of what your customers want whether they’re in Vancouver, Boston or Los Angeles.

We do high quality link building, write optimized copy, create visual content all the while shaping the customer experience to convince them to become your happy customers. We take all the mystery out of it and get the traffic and leads you need.

Here’s 10 Mission Critical Reasons why choosing Bay Street SEO will give your company the boost it needs:

  1. better knowledge of Google’s algorithm components – 18 years SEO experience means solid expertise
  2. better customization of your SEO strategy
  3. more time spent on content development – Google likes high quality and so do customers
  4. better quality content garners more support from journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers
  5. innovative disruptive content that is time consuming and requires talent could differentiate your company and brand
  6. better copywriting to catch customer’s attention, capture impulse, build desire and intent, convince and move them faster through your conversion funnel
  7. thought leadership that is so well respected it will shape your Linkedin recommendations and endorsements – we’ll make you the recognized expert
  8. wide visibility on keyword phrases creates prestige for your company name and brand
  9. generates more sales at a much lower cost
  10. engaging social media campaigns can boost your SEO results and give you reach into Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

We know you need to cut costs, create accountability, and get real revenue results. Check our affordable, high value SEO packages and then call us at 416 605 7026 to get started.

We provide premium and affordable SEO packages for companies in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Montreal, Boston, Vancouver and Phoenix.

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