MCL Land Real Estate Developer Eunos MRT Station

The MCL Land is the best property group of entire Singapore. The MCL land limited was formerly referred to as Malayan Credit Limited before it changed its name to the current MCL Land back in March 1997. The MCL land was incorporated in 1963 and it’s headquartered in Singapore.

The MCL Land limited is currently a member of the Jardine Matheson-Group which operates under the Hongkong Land Holdings. MCL land has uncompromising long track-record of building high-quality homes in Singapore as well as Malaysia. This Company has been in the building field for more than 50 years, thus making it versed in all types of building constructions it’s required to undertake.

MCL Land Parc Esta New Development Eunos MRT Station

The MCL land and limited has a bulky of an extensive portfolio of world-class prime residential properties in Singapore as well as Malaysia. These exceptional residential properties from MCL land limited are held through over 15 associates and subsidiaries.

All residential buildings constructed by MCL Land are not comparable to other constructed by some other fraudulent companies which aim in milking their client the hard earned money. The MCL Land constructs high-quality buildings in Singapore and Malaysia assuring you getting the value of your money at the end of construction.

Eunosville HUDC Enbloc by MCL Land

The MCL Land limited prestigious residential properties are success landmarks in Singapore and Malaysia leading cities.

The MCL Land Limited is always committed to remaining the leader prime and reputable residential homes in Singapore as well Malaysia. Equally, they are dedicated and focused on offering excellent customer satisfaction and the growing shareholder value.

The MCL Land limited is very innovative and creative when designing sites maps and buildings, to make sure they give you modern facilities building that clients will not hesitate to occupy.

MCL Land Developer for Real Estate in Singapore

They work in a very dynamic way to ensure they give excellence work in residential building construction in both Singapore and Malaysia. Their aim in residential buildings construction is to ensure they give world-class standard homes so that they can attract international community in your well-constructed houses.

If you have a plan to construct a residential home either in Singapore or Malaysia and entire Asia, Don’t hesitate to contact the MCL Land limited. They will make sure the quality of your residential home is beyond your expectations and you will like it.

Also, The MCL Land limited, welcome and attract highly motivated and talented people from varying range of disciplines to give them an opportunity to develop their long-term career with it.

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