ppcpricesInsurance is Big Business

The insurance sector continues growth in every sector including life, travel, auto, commercial, and business coverage. This sector is very competitive. The prices on Adwords ppc are in some cases (auto insurance) up to $107 per click.  100 visitors then would cost $10700.

If insurance companies are paying those $100 per click PPC prices, they must believe in digital marketing very deeply.  What instead, if we used SEO to optimize your insurance brokerage website and generated 3000 to 6000 visits per month? We can bring them in, and keep them engaged on your blog and social media accounts.

Since search volume is so high in the insurance sector, organic SEO can significant savings along with large numbers of new customers. And customers aren’t loyal today. They will always be searching for a better price or simply be lured away by another insurer. Being visible online is a wise business decision.

Insurance Company Successes

Kanetix is well a well known online insurance broker who is marketing their SaaS solution to insurance brokerages. They also battle it out in the insurance keyword rankings on Google.


Innovative blogging helped Cornell Insurance Agency to compete more convincingly in the auto, life and business markets.


If your insurance firm isn’t in the top 4 listings on Google, you’ll be leaving the market to your competition. Let a great SEO Company take your business from missing to dominant, and watch your business grow.

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