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When faced with charges or needing to sue someone, most individuals are left without answers or direction. Their first reaction will be to go online and use Google. They might search for a local lawyer or ask for info on what they’ve been charged with and how to defend themselves. They might not be in a clear state of mind and their search keywords will likely reflect that.

The online sphere is a confusing one though for your prospective legal clients. That creates an opportunity for lawyers, attorneys and law firms to present relevant information and the encouragement to help them.  We’ve helped a major law portal in Canada excel on Google and we will bring yours to the top as well.

Given the prevalence of mobile communications today, your prospect may be searching on a smartphone. This makes local SEO and mobile SEO important to your strategy.  Not only does your website need to be mobile friendly, but your content as well.  We’ll tune your site to the keyword themes, topics, and search paths that Google is looking for with its latest search index update called Rankbrain. It’s actually an entire new way of processing and ranking web pages. We’ll feed Googlebot the ideal content path to make your site most relevant to them.

Let’s get your law firm indexed and ranked and begin bringing in new clients.

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