Real Estate SEO

Those agents and brokers who were prepared for the real estate boom in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York and Los Angeles are reaping the rewards. And if you haven’t thrived, you can still turn things around and regain your market share.

Google is the first stop for most home buyers. Studies show buyers will look up to 6 months prior to when they actually purchase a home. That’s plenty of time for you to reach them and build a trusting relationship. Success with Real Estate SEO means repeated exposure to these house hunters who may be living your site or may be from the Middle east, Europe, Russia, South America or China.

One of the advantages of hiring an SEO Company is that we maximize exposure to different buyers, and we can help you reach sellers in your area. Listings are vital and few SEO service providers offer solutions for building connections with homeowners.

The Growth of Housing

The rosy forecast for the housing market to 2020 is something to be happy about. These 2 graphics remind us of how excellent the opportunity in real estate sales. Both new and existing home sales are rising strong in the US. Canadian numbers are similar.

US New Home Sales 2016


In the world of online real estate market, there are big winners. These BIG Kahunas of digital real estate marketing have great rankings and high traffic. They leverage the MLS listings and provide unique and valuable content and online experiences for their customers.

SEO can generate a lot of leads and we hope to help you multiply your leads to build your real estate empire.

Take a look at these real estate marketing programs loaded with value and potential with minimal investment in web development required. Get a hosted IDX site that is fully Google friendly and have use optimize it further. We’ll make you a market leader.

Real Estate Leads – The Top 20 Lead Generation Services