Recruiting Qualified Candidates

When candidates think of job hunting and career opportunities, brands such as Monster, Indeed, Glass Door, and Linkedin, are foremost in their minds. Wouldn’t it be nice if your firm was among that crowd of big recruitment web sites? It all comes down to Google and search engine indexing.

Companies from New York to Los Angeles to Vancouver to Toronto are looking for recruiters and employment agencies. They’ll go to Google first to find a company that has a brand and value proposition that appeals to them. If you’re ranking high and have what they’re looking for, that one lead could turn into hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

High quality revenue and prestigious clientele is too nice to pass on. Let’s get you on their radar.

We’ll develop your Google presence with search engine optimization that won’t interfere with your website architecture and let you keep your preferred, branded copy. Let’s turn all your content and newly developed content into a competitive advantage.  And we’ll reach more job candidates too.

Screen Capture courtesy of Waterhouse Executive Search of Vancouver.
Screen Capture courtesy of Waterhouse Executive Search of Vancouver.

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