Make the Most of Shopify eCommerce

Shopify is one of the biggest successes in ecommerce development and entrepreneurship. The IT company has eliminated the prohibitive cost of ecommerce development by providing a hosted SaaS ecommerce solution that requires no expensive programming and development. It’s the envy of large ecommerce software vendors such as Volusion, Magento, and BigCommerce.

Shopify allows anyone to sell online by setting up a Shopify account and going live with it. The funds you save on programming can instead be used to hire an SEO company. Bay Street SEO can help you gain top exposure on Google Merchant, and Google organic search indexes.

shopifysuccessOptimizing your store catalog and other pages isn’t about typing in title tags and other meta information. Your site is just like any other website. You must optimize it as a collection of high quality pages. Google ranks pages based on copy and links. In that sense, Shopify pages are just like any other.

eCommerce Feed Optimization

Every ecommerce business should have a feed document which is a listing of your products and related information in .csv or .xml format. Your feed document’s optimization should align with your site’s SEO strategy for maximum effect. You know how competitive ecommerce is, so it’s imperative that you have it optimized professionally. Let us help you build a successful sports, medical equipment, beauty and health, clothing and apparel, or jewelry store online.

Advantages of Shopify SEO

  1. ensures your product pages and other pages are available to Googlebot
  2. ensures your copy, meta info, and product details are correct and optimized
  3. helps your pages rank high so you attract more visitors
  4. gets your products and brand visible
  5. copy in your title tags and descriptions is enticing and intent building
  6. helps you avoid relying on Amazon or Adwords PPC campaigns for traffic

We’ll help you with your content strategy since SEO is intertwined with it. And we’ll help with using the right keywords, link locations, and related product exposure since we need to be aware of the shoppers experience and create a natural shopping flow for them.


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