SEO is Vital for Travel Businesses

Travel consumers are more active than ever booking hotel rooms, resort vacations, flights, and digging for information on destinations, restaurants, attractions, and activities. It’s estimated that 80% of bookings now are done online. And travel searches are conducted online too and most often on Google search. If you rank high on Google, it can translate to thousands of visitors.

A new entrant in the Google rankings war can gain significant exposure because older businesses websites and content become stale and unorganized. Over time it actually becomes ineffective as Google modifies the Google indexing algorithm. New innovations such as Rankbrain arrive which completely revises how they index and rank web pages. Those big travel sites as Expedia, Travelocity, Tripadvisor, Flightcentre, Travelzoo, Kayak and others can’t adjust easily nor rank for longtail keywords. This is your opportunity to carve out a piece of the travel consumer pie.

Hotel Bookings

We doubled Delta Hotels traffic which translates to millions and millions of dollars over years. Whether you’re major national brand hotel or a local franchise, we can get your hotel, spa, Inn, or travel agency maximally exposed on Google. And we’ll help you create better content and better customer experiences.

While your large competitors rely on expensive Google Adwords campaigns, we’ll create results at lower cost by:

  • developing interesting content
  • discovering the right keywords that your target customer uses
  • creating content that resonates with Google’s algorithm
  • optimizing your site for local audience searches (Google local maps)
  • optimizing your content for mobile browser speed and experience
  • reaching millions of travel bloggers and journalists

We can also help you with social media reach and engagement.  We’ll help you define your content strategy, social strategy, and conversion strategy and anything else you want to optimize. Bay Street SEO is all about optimizing the digital marketing effort.  We’re beyond campaigns and standard approaches that bring disappointing results. If that’s where you are, a quick call can change all of that.