You’re a Web Design Firm and We’re an SEO Company

While it may seem like a good decision to bring a young person in-house and try to train them somehow to do SEO on client’s sites, it actually damages a unique opportunity to add big value to your clients. When you grow their business fast, you benefit.  The bonus now is that we won’t interfere with how you choose to design a site. Our optimization strategies can work separate from your design architecture.  That’s a big headache that’s made the design/SEO relationship strained for many years. Problem Solved!

Contracting your SEO needs to an experienced SEO company or SEO Specialist is wiser. Our ability to generate rankings and traffic is exceptional whether for a company website or ecommerce site. And you’ll avoid having to pay a full time salary. Lower cost + better results = happy client. It’s basic math we hope you’ll understand.

For 18 years, we’ve provided SEO services to companies in Web design, hotels, manufacturing, IT, moving, health & beauty, real estate, recruitment, medical, lawyers, building supplies, contractors, and other industries.



Value Added Services

Bay Street SEO brings better traffic and conversion optimization. We bring customers in at a higher velocity and with greater purchase intent. Your client won’t know we’ve brought this much value to your UVP. You’ll look like their hero, and that’s they way it should be.

We’re here to help you serve your clients better.

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