Keeping a Positive Tone in Your Copy

Copywriting Makes a Strong Impact — Ensure Yours has a Positive Tone

Beautiful web design and graphics are important in digital marketing, however it’s the copywriting that truly speaks to the customer. Your copy is your conversation with your visitors. Yet, on most websites, the copy is stiff, curt, pushy, and overly impressed with itself. To the reader, it may come across as non-inviting, negative or that the customer is not number one.

Customers and clients read a lot into your webpages, posts and social comments. If you see your copy as part of the customer experience then you may want to ensure it has a positive tone.

There’s 2 reasons why our copy might be seen as negative:

1. we believe we need to be authoritative to be seen as credible and effective

2. we believe we need to be closing, and cut down the options for our readers so they see our solution as the right one and buy it

When we do these 2 things though,  our copywriting loses its fun, engaging and limitless possibilities. We end up destroying our budding relationship because we want things to move faster. If you’re a closer yourself, you probably know how customers resist. And when frustration builds, the seriousness and pushiness grows and the customer leaves.

This excerpt is from Hubspot on how to close the deal with the prospect. These power play tactics push for short gains at the cost of a customer relationship. This is not how to do it.


Never Be Closing!

Ted McGrath wrote a book called Never be Closing. He advises against closing and instead take your time to get to know the client and their needs. Building a relationship, trust and confidence to succeed should be the key tasks in your digital marketing plan. And by dropping the must close mentality, you allow your best self to show up in your copywriting and before you actually meet the client. This is where your positive copywriting can set you up for real sales success in face to face meetings.

In consultative selling, you’re building a relationship as someone who can guide customers in exploring options and making smart decisions that add value to their lives. Does your website copywriting tell them you are about to open their awareness and discover solutions that are better than what they’re even aware of now?

Stay Open to Possibilities

happyballsIf we keep our conversation open to possibilities, the client feels more empowered, less stressed, and they may be more receptive to our messages later on.  When they feel good, relaxed and confident, that’s when they click the purchase trigger.  Your customers are humans, they have emotions, they laugh and cry, and they can feel your intent in the way your copy speaks.

The best time to write is when you’re feeling good and relaxed. If you write when you’re cramped up and tense, your mood tends to be reflected in your writing. Think about all the options and possibilities you have for your life and business. Write them down.

What is a Positive Tone?

A positive tone is an overall mood your copy generates in readers which releases good emotions and endorphins and other happy chemicals in their brain. Positive copy is usually more engaging, questioning, encouraging, participative and supportive. Negative tends to be matter of fact, overly certain, critical, and with a tone of finality. Readers won’t respond since the writing doesn’t beckon them to participate in a conversation. Although you’re writing to get commitment on action at some point, your sales points should give the reader the feeling they still have options.

After you’ve built the big picture mindset full of possibilities and imagination, you can position your solution as the base of all the wonderful benefits they want. Your solution is at the epicenter of success and happiness, and they’ll lose nothing by choosing it. This is far different than the outdated concept that your solution is a final destination. When the word final is imposed, the customer begins having post purchase anxiety. Yet if things are open ended with a continuous relationship and a future of possibilities, you build a positive ongoing relationship with that customer. Now they have the confidence to buy that new home, or sell it, or  buy a car, or a take vacation to Costa Rica.

Positive Phrasing

Your copy is full of words, so carefully choose which words you’ll commonly use to describe, support, and build your relationships with.

Negative phrasing Positive phrasing
Don’t do that You could do this
Eliminate the negative. If you accentuate the Positive…
My competitor is evil We uphold the highest integrity
Don’t forget that… Remember that…
That’s not right This is better

The best way to avoid negativity is to keep yourself away from negative situations and excessive competition. This is where a lot of pessimism and negative rhetoric comes from. I always suggest focusing on making your value proposition so unique and valuable for a specific customer that there is no competition.

The best way to keep positive is to think in terms of no limits, clarity, abundance, generosity, freedom, happiness, togetherness, and supportiveness.

Try Using these Positive Keywords

good, love, warm, special, funny, peaceful, laugh, joke

friendly, like, love, together, we, us, stronger, smile, kind, spirited

fulfill, satisfy, help, give, you, unlimited, healthy, well, happy

free, better, hope, nice, super, pleasant, cheery, excited

clear, certain, add, more, tomorrow, experience, forward

If you want even more positive words, check out this post on Positive Words Research.

A positive tone may help you with your SEO strategy, visitor engagement, customer loyalty and repeat sales, and social media engagement. A positive tone can support and power up all you’re doing now and open up new possibilities. Good luck with improving your web marketing, and if something’s stumped you, maybe we can solve it together.

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