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Search Engine Marketing Conferences – SES San Jose California

You are well advised to take in next year’s conference in San Jose. It’s a beautiful area not far from the coast.MountainviewSilicon Valley is a very interesting location. Search Engien Strategies is the biggest event for San Francisco SEO Firms, Los Angeles SEO firms and Toronto SEO firms.

The Google Dance party is a fun event where you may meet people from the top SEO companies and SEO experts in the field.

You’ll also enjoy some excellent places to visit in the San Jose area. If you’re doing business with Google directly as I have, you will enjoy visiting their offices and seeing what a great model of modern business practice they are. They’ve created a work atmosphere that is fun, creative and interesting. That’s increasingly typical of up and coming companies looking to hire the best and create an environment where they can produce.

San Jose is at the southern end of the San Francisco Bay area and it is surrounded by a number of beautiful towns such as Mountain View, home of Google. Downtown Mountain View has a main street full of restaurants with outdoor patios.. You can enjoy just about any kind of food and the atmosphere is relaxed and the service is friendly. The beautiful Fairmont Hotel has all the amenities you’ll need plus a great view of the valley and a tropical setting for their 3rd floor swimming pool.

Fairmont Hotel  

40 miles to the west over a low set of mountains is the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The highway leading there is winding and a thrill to ride if you’re into tight S-turns at 50 miles an hour. Santa Cruz is a nice place to visit. You may want to visit the village of Capitola to the south which is very interesting and there’s some nice music festivals. The Monterrey Peninsula and Half Moon Bay are not far off and they’re known for popular smooth jazz music.

The coastal area is an interesting place to walk and take pictures. You’ll want to have lots of memory for your digital camera. Be sure to visit the surfing museum in Santa Cruz.

Just north of San Jose is Milpitas, California, home to the Summit Point Golf Course and the Spring Valley Golf Courses like an oasis on the mountainside.

Fremont Golf Course

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