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Search Engine Marketing Conference

Search Engine Marketing Conferences San Jose 2004

One big reason to travel to California in the summer is to attend the premier search engine marketing conference. The San Jose SES Search Engine Strategies Conference is a great event that brings together some of the leading minds in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Nearly every topic is covered and often the latest SEO issues are discussed.

Pier 39 Fisherman's WharfThen there’s the tourism opportunties after the convention. The San Francisco Bay area has an incredible diversity of geography and recreation. The trip north formto San Francisco and across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. You’ll understand that old Tony Bennett tune when you visit. The hilly cityscape with its cable cars, to the misty bay and sun bathing seals, to Alcatraz island and north to the quaint tourist town of Sausalito, this place is a vivid experience.

San FranciscoFrom the canyonesque downtown business area highlighted by the TransAmerica Pyramid to the densely packed condominiums with strange spanish/russian architecture, to the popular Fisherman’s wharf at the waterfront, San Francisco is picturesque area that inspires artists of every type.

Above right is Pier 39 which offers lots of activities, entertainment and shopping. Watch the seal lions and have a great seafood dinner at one of the many restaurants. Pier 39 Aquarium is a lot of fun for the kids. They can touch sharks, starfish and giant crabs.

The city of Sausalito is a beautiful waterfront town where you can watch ocean ships passing to China, Japan and India, and there are a good variety of shops specializing in high quality arts and crafts and fine clothing.


With a great view of San Francisco Bay above is Scoma’s restaurant (above) right on the shore where they serve a great array of seafood.

You can also visit the nearby Muir forest and walk right through 200 foot redwood trees. It’s a spectacular walk that gives a view of the Pacific Ocean.

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In the summer months, in the late afternoon, the ocean fog rolls over the hills like a blanket. Best to get out early if you want to get a clear picture of the Golden Gate bridge.

Learn more about the Golden Gate Bridge at and view pictures of the Muir National Forest.

Make sure you visit Pier 39 (Fishermans Wharf) where you can touch sharks, walk through an underground aquarium, watch seals bathing in the sun, and have a great dinner overlooking the harbour. If you like fishing, Santa Cruz lies on the other side of the Santa Cruz mountains that offer some interesting driving. You can can rent a boat and go deep sea fishing.

The yacht club in the north shore is a large one with boats of every size and design. If you’re a boat lover, you’ll have no shortage of ships to look at. You might even meet an old sailor who will help you fish your new Google cap out of the water after a gust of wind blows it into a shoreline canal.

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One interesting impromptu exhibit in Sausalito was a rock piling art form by a man named Bill Dan. On the shoreline there are plenty of granite rocks that have sharp, jagged shapes. He has the ability to stack these 5 to 12 inch rocks on their jagged edges so they stand like a weird rock skycraper.

Your first response is, “that can’t be done, this is fake.” However, right in front of you, he carefully adjusts each rock onto the edge of another as they found some strange equilibrium. With that simple exhibit he showed how our conceptions restrict our thinking and ultimately our success. The seemingly impossible can be achieved.

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